Paul Davis Restoration Water Damage Services in Ramah, CO

We need water to survive, but it has the possibility to be devastating in the wrong place. Problems like leaky appliances, defective plumbing, broken HVAC units or cracked pipes can cause overflow that harms your home. Paul Davis Restoration executes specialized, quick water damage restoration for homeowners in the greater Ramah area.

After taking on water damage, your property requires more than a simple vacuum to dry surplus water. Surfaces like ceilings are usually more stained and drenched than they appear. Aged water damage also compromises a home’s foundation and increases mold proliferation in hidden corners. Neglecting water damage can be expensive and time-consuming for homeowners. The Paul Davis Restoration cleanup technicians fix these issues to make sure that your home returns to a habitable state immediately.

We are well-known in the Ramah area as a top-notch and reasonably priced water damage restoration company. Since mold growth is often a side effect of water damage, you should go to our mold removal services page for help if you notice any growth in your home. Our professionals let our results be our proof when cleaning up leaks on your property. Ramah residents can count on our professionals to extract water from your home in an hour or less.

Useful Tips

If you discover water damage in your basement, adhere to these precautions to ensure safe restoration:


  • Use dehumidifiers by the flooded spot.
  • Use two or more fans to allow air to circle and dry the area.
  • Mop up as much water as possible.
  • Loop hangings through a coat hanger and put them on the drapery rod. This protects curtains from the wet area.
  • Dry wet cushions and elevate furniture on wood blocks with foil beneath furniture base.
  • Open all damaged drawers to dry the woodwork and its contents.
  • Move photos, paintings and art to a secure and dry location.
  • Remove and dry damp fabrics as soon as you can.
  • Withdraw wet books from cases and divide pages as much as you can.


  • Never use a standard vacuum cleaner to soak up water.
  • Avoid using electrical appliances on wet carpet and floors.
  • Don’t step in stationary water if the electricity is still switched on around it.
  • Never pull up carpet because it can cause improper shrinkage.
  • Do not wait to call for professional restoration. More damage will occur the longer you wait.

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